Carly Mann

Carly Mann, born and raised in California, is a performing artist, choreographer and dance youth educator. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts magna cum laude in Dance from San Jose State University, and has extended her training in San Francisco, Colorado, and Montana. As an artist in Billings she has performed in Rimrock Opera performances, other independent projects, 5 seasons with Terpsichore Dance Company, and one season with Arc-a Montana Dance Collective. Carly is co-director for Motion Arts Dance Company, as well as co-director of El's Clay, a non-profit organization devoted to sharing meaningful messages to the community. Carly continues to advocate for the young artists in Billings and aims to bring adult artists together in a kind, nurturing atmosphere. She is excited to be part of the Billings community and doesn't foresee leaving!


Julia Marble

Julia Marble's dance education began with June Austin, Betty Loos, Jana Stockton, and the Arthur Murray School of Dance in Billings. She then attended and graduated high school from the National Academy of the Arts, in Champaign-Urbana, IL. While there, she was fortunate to train with Lupe Serrano, Christine Hennesy, Corey Winthrop, Michael Maule, Anthony Valdor, and Gwynn Ashton.  

After graduation, Julia attended Cornish Institute of the Allied Arts in Seattle, WA, studying with Pat Hon, Noelle Mason, and others. She later moved to New York City to further her training under many great teachers.

Ballet from Marjorie Mussman, Finis Jhung; Modern with Mary Hinkson (Graham), Milton Myers (Horton), and at the Cunningham and Limon Studios; Jazz from various studios including the American Dance Machine Intensives with Buzz Miller, Lee Theodore, and Gemsi DeLappe.

She danced professionally as a member of the Matthews-Masters Dance Company (Directors: Gary Masters and Fred Mathews), Sue Bernhardt and Dancers, and with many other modern dance groups in NYC.  

Julia has been teaching Ballet, Modern and Creative Movement for more than 20 years and is certified to teach the Zena-Rommett Floor-barre Method. She sought out special training with studies in Pilates at the Carole Treir Studio, and in early-childhood development to enhance her teaching skills with younger children.  She received instruction from Seattle's Anne Green Gilbert, and through youth program "Tempo, Level, Energy, and Shape".   

Before returning to Billings, Julia served as Co- Director, Administrator and Instructor with Dance Arts Los Alamos, in Los Alamos, NM a non-profit organization.  While there, she instituted an annual production of The Nutcracker inviting lead guest dancers from ABT, Ballet West, and elsewhere to provide a special cultural experience for that Community.  She began Intensive Summer Programs with renowned guest teachers to further broaden the students'  and staff’s education and exposure to many different dance professionals.

Currently, Julia serves as Co-Director of School of Classical Ballet (SCB) and as an Instructor at the school.  Sheco-founded a children's community dance company, Motion Arts Dance Company (MADCO) in the fall of 2012, and serves as Co-Directors and choreographer. 


Maribel Parman

Maribel discovered her true passion for dance while completing her Bachelor of Business Administration and marketing.  Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop/ Break dance, and Latin Dance are just some of the many styles of dance in which she teaches and performs.

Her first formal dance training was with the Danza Jazz Stage company in Chihuahua, Mexico, where she was nominated for the Best Beginning Dancer of the Year award.  Maribel advanced her education by achieving a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction,  and becoming certified in Latin Dance.  She has also furthered her training in all styles of dance through a variety of extensive and intense classes with professional choreographers such as Misha Gabriel, Mia Michaels, Marty  Dew, Doug Caldwell, Joelle Martinec, Jeff “PHI” Nguyen, Napoleon and Tabatha of NappyTabs, Wes Veldik, Julie Bour, Jeff Amsden, Michele Assaf, Tyce Diorio, and many more.  Maribel has pursued intensive training at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in New York City, and The Edge in LA, as well as many other nationwide and local workshops.

Maribel received the AMTC International Talent and Model scholarship and was selected to compete in Orlando, FL. As result of this competition, Maribel received second  a place dance award and call backs from the Kristene Wallis Agency in Los Angeles and Arrow Records in Atlanta. In 2010, Maribel competed in the Spotlight and Thunderstruck dance competitions in Billings, MT obtaining several awards including Best Choreography and Category Winner.

Maribel had the opportunity to experience So You Think You Can Dance auditions in Seattle and Denver, performances as an Assistant Director/ choreographer/ dancer for 2010 Billings Outlaws (Voted “2010′s best dance team of the IFL”) , and video-logy hip hop artist and dancer under the direction of Underground Studios. Maribel is currently enjoy dancing with an amazing group of talented women from Terpsichore Dance Company.


MADCo's artistic vision

Motion Arts Dance Company (MADCo) is a community-based youth dance company of dedicated, dynamic, and versatile young dancers who love the art of dance. The company is housed at Montana Dance Center with the joint support of the School of Classical Ballet. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has aimed to create a nurturing and educational environment for aspiring dancers. The company meets weekly to rehearse dances choreographed by students, local artists, and professional guest artists from all over the U.S. 

Similar to a professional dance company, MADCo holds auditions annually, outlines what is expected of the dancers, and provides multiple performance opportunities throughout the season. We have created a safe place for students to come have fun and work together towards a common goal - expression through dance. MADCo encourages our youth to find ways their art form can make a difference when looking at world events, life situations, and emotions; to think about creating and choreographing as a way of allowing their voices to be heard, while ultimately respecting and honoring one another's individuality.  

Aside from performing, the company wants to gain more community relationships and educate students through dance at local schools. It has been proven that the arts can help improve children's grades, attendance in school, and behavior. Thus, the company wants to use a kinesthetic approach to help students learn educational concepts, as well as address social issues and world events. We strive to teach a method of observation and reflection called "visual thinking strategy" which helps develop more patience, detail oriented, creative, confident and articulate students, which can only lead to healthier well-rounded students in every subject they study in school. Cities such as Seattle, NYC, and Sante Fe have added dance as an integral part of the education of the whole child. Sadly, the Arts education isn't equitably distributed; while dance has been proven to be very effective, it is one of the last to be offered in the schools. 

Generally, Billings schools have not integrated dance into their arts education and MADCo would like to "bridge the gap" by offering our schools dance exposure and experiences. We'd also like to encourage individuals from the community to be more involved with MADCo. It could be simply through offering their expertise to us or volunteering to help with tasks such as costuming, funding, marketing, booking performances, and helping organize innovative ways to share dance in our community. MADCo wants more individuals from Billings to be aware of this unique company that has a mission to grow, empower their community, while making a difference in their community through the art of dance. 

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