dedicated, dynamic, and versatile young dancers who love the art of dance

A non profit, community based company.


Company History

  Since its establishment in 2012, the company has aimed to create a nurturing and educational environment for aspiring dancers. The company meets weekly to rehearse dances choreographed by students, local artists, and professional guest artists from all over the U.S. 

Dance as Growth

  It has been proven that the arts can help improve children's grades, attendance in school, and behavior. Thus, the company wants to use a kinesthetic approach to help students learn educational concepts, as well as address social issues and world events. Generally, Billings schools have not integrated dance into their arts education and MADCo would like to "bridge the gap" by offering our schools dance exposure and experiences. 

Dance as Art

  Guest choreographers coming from around the nation require a number of costs as well; your sponsorship will help make this possible for our Billings dancers. By enabling students to receive instruction from these teachers, it helps provide them with more well-rounded growth in the art of dance. 

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